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Ryan M. Mynard Lawfirm Helps With Your Loved One's Etate Settlement

estate planning

Ryan Mynard and his staff can assist you with any estate planning and probate needs you or your loved ones may have. It is important that you and your loved ones engage in estate planning, regardless of your income and assets.

Simply stated, estate planning normally involves drafting a last will and testament, a durable power of attorney, a living will and a health care surrogate designation. Depending on your individual circumstances, additional preparation and documents may be required. By creating an estate plan, you can relieve your family and friends of some of the stress and burdens which often arises prior to (incompetence, illnesses, hospitalization, extended care, etc.) and after your passing (disputes over your assets, appointing an executor to oversee your will, etc.).

A last will and testament is the document by which you determine what happens to your assets (financial accounts, home, land, personal property, etc.) upon your death. A durable power of attorney allows you to select someone to act on your behalf to make "legal" and "business" decisions out of convenience or when you are not able to do so. A living will sets the guidelines upon how you want to be treated when faced with an end stage condition or illness. A health care surrogate allows you to choose who will make health care and other health related decisions when you are unable.

Probate is a court proceeding by which you or your loved one’s assets are distributed and their liabilities are paid. Probating an estate may be necessary regardless of whether the deceased did or did not have a will. In some occasions, probate can be avoid with careful estate planning. Mr. Mynard is able to guide you through this process and relieve you of some of the burdens a loved one’s passing may bring.

Whether you are planning ahead to ensure the peace of mind of your loved ones, have questions about how to finish the estate planning and probate process, or need an attorney to probate your loved one’s estate, Ryan Mynard and his staff will use their experience, compassion, and legal knowledge to assist you. Contact his office to schedule a consultation and receive legal advice when you need it most.

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